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My Friend Has Been Murdered

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

(submitted by community member)

Hello Michelle,

In my recent days I am living a very painful life. My best friend was murdered last February, that has shaken me completely; it's simply unbearable to feel this pain. Even more, I am going to loose my girlfriend very soon as she is going to marry some other person fixed by her family.

In between these days I kept myself busy in paranormal activity studies. I thought I got little success, but after feeling the bad-impacts of such practices I quit it in a hurry.

I am already aged 25. Having no job and family pressure increasing day by day.

The pain of my best friend's death & separation from girlfriend giving me shocks every time. I'm unable to gather strength & fall ill mentally.

What should I do?

Well, I contacted you after reading ur website in google.

"You May not Believe in Angels but They Believe in You"

Dear one,

Your pain in palpable.

This sudden loss has affected your equilibrium and now you find yourself searching for meaning.

In reaching out for answers you have inadvertently drawn to you the lower energies of fear, anxiety and depression. The loss of your friend has created a hole in your aura and lower energies are now using this to their advantage.

I would like you to draw your answers and comfort only from those sources of true light. The lower energies are not wise and as such can create feelings that are not conducive to the feelings of love and peace. In the presence of Angels you will only ever feel peace and calm.

I would like you to call upon Archangel Michael every day asking him to protect you and to release you from lower energies.

Then I would like you to work with Archangel Azrael who is the Archangel that helps you through the various stages of grieving.

Finally, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Jophiel will help you to heal and bring back some sunshine into your life.

You can work with the Archangels by being calm and peaceful and by:

Speaking to them out loud

Writing to them

Praying with them

Ask the Archangels ~ Say (out loud) "Archangels Michael, Azrael, Raphael and Jophiel please draw close to me and help me to heal on all levels and to find my equilibrium." Thank your Angels.

Now, each day write to your Angels or pray to them for exactly what help you require. The Angels will hear you! Each step they will be with you now, as you concentrate on bringing peace into each moment.

Don't worry how things will unfold.

The Angels see the bigger plan.

They take your requests on their wings to God.

Let them fly!

In each moment say 'I am at peace, the angels are always supporting me.'

In time, you will regain your strength and you will stand tall as a 'beacon of light' for others to see.

One step, one breath at a time.

Angels are now with you!

Blessings dear one, Michelle

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