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My Son Passed Away....I asked for a sign...

After my son recently passed away, I asked him for a sign.

I needed to know that his spirit continued to live and was with me at times.

That morning there were occurrences, but I wasn't quite sure if I was reading something into them that really weren't from him. So I asked him for a sign that was unquestionably from him.

Later that morning a car turned ahead of me, it had a licence plate that said, "A SIGN".

Clear enough! Right?

Hello, yes, that was your sign - loud and clear.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your son but the Angels had heard you and sent you a sign. The sign was to show you that your son is always with you.

The bonds of love are eternal.

Ask Archangel Azreal to be with you. He will help you to work through the different stages of grief.

Blessings, Michelle 🙏🏻

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