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Peace in the moment - Be like a cat

Peace in the moment - Be like a cat

How often have you eaten a meal and not really tasted it?

Many things pass us during our day, and our minds are always somewhere else.

To find Peace and inner happiness - then one useful tool is to learn how to be in the moment - a moment of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is being aware of your actions, thoughts, and your senses

It is not possible to live in the moment all the time, but with practice you can learn to live in the moment for longer and longer. Giving you a sense of stress relief and quality to your life.

There will always be times when you find yourself thinking about the future or the past, but with training you can bring your thoughts back to the moment, more quickly and easily every time.

Here are 5 examples to help you......

  1. Children. There's no one better at being present than a child. To be child-like is to experience the world in the moment. You see things and experience things for the first time. You are in a state of wonder....

  2. Cats and Animals ... live in the moment ... they only think about being, sleeping, running, eating, loving unconditionally, animals are perfect examples of living in the moment.

  3. Eating chocolate - when we really enjoy eating something we savour every mouthful. Be in the moment, eat everything as if it was your favourite food.... savour the flavour, the temperature, how it melts in your mouth, how it makes you feel....

  4. Ironing whilst ironing, or washing the dishes try to concentrate on every aspect of the job in hand. The water flowing from the tap, the bubbles from the soap, the sound, the warmth on your hands, the tinkling of the cutlery.... use each sensation to draw you back to the moment.

  5. Be absorbed in something you enjoy - Gardening, Painting, Sewing ... when you are absorbed in something, you are in the moment ... you are lost in the task and not distracted by your thoughts. You are fully concentrating on the task in hand

Being in the moment ..... the path to Peace .....

Ask the Angels to help you release any negative or repeating mind-sets, patterns, thoughts, feelings, situation's in your life that do not allow you to live in the present moment..

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