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Prepare for the coming Golden Age

The energies of the Golden Age, are now with us! The time is NOW! Release everything that no longer serves you........ Possessions Mindsets Thought Patterns People ..... Make a plan .... Write down from your Heart what your ideal life would look like How does the thought of having your ideal life make you feel? What does it look like? How does it smell? How does is sound? Where is it geographically? Who is around you when the this plan manifests? Imagine all things in abundance NOW! Request it LOVE WEALTH WISDOM FREEDOM JOY HAPPINESS FRIENDS CREATIVE IDEAS FINANCES How does it feel, taste, sound, look! To have all this Abundance? Say 'Angels please bring to me Abundance NOW. For the highest good of all concerned, under the Law of Grace' Now imagine how all this Abundance helps you serve others through your Peace, your Joy, your Elation, your LOVING HEALED HEART! Thank your Angels Keep your written plan about your life in your Angel space or your Angel Box Light a candle in your sacred space Create a haven of energies with Prayers Beautiful music Oils Candles Angelic Statues Essence Incense Crystals Spray Rose Oil into your prayer space and around your home Say 'Angels please draw closer and reside in this Angelic space of Peace.... that I have now created to welcome you into my life. to welcome you into my Heart' Sit comfortably..... relax, breathing into every part of your body. Say 'Angels, what would you like me to know now about my life and my purpose'. Take your Journal Write down anything you hear in your mind, or with your physical ears Take any impressions that come to you Write them down Say 'Angels, may I continue to hear you, feel you and see your presence more clearly with each visit to this sacred space.

THANK YOU ANGELS for healing my HEART'

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