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Spiritual Hierarchy - is a misconception?

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

The term Spiritual Heirachy, is actually a great misconception

Everyone from an Ascended Master, to an insect, to a Planetary or Universal Logos, has equal energy and contribution to the Oneness of all that we know as God or the Creator

Hierachies can be misleading ....

As can the term initiations on the path called Ascension

What is important is you Hearts Desire

Your Hearts Desire to serve Humanity through Love

This is the basic and yet most profound meaning of accelerated spiritual development - Ascension

Recognise that all is interconnected, your loving heartbeat affects the frequency and purity of another heartbeat

Your loving heartbeat, creates a vibrational healing for all other BEINGS!

It is in the BEING that we BECOME!

When you allow yourself to Be Loving you BECOME LOVE!

Focus on your own will and intent to progress along your spiritual path

Your heartfelt request will be felt and heard by the Universe and you will make another progressive step towards the ONENESS!

The ONENESS is the place where all souls rest eternally, bathed in Love and Peace ... from the Creator

Be a Beacon of Light! ... Go forth and serve ...


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