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The Light of Illumination

Archangel Azrael is the master of transition. He is the master of overseeing departing souls. He is gentle and wise. His only desire is to escort a transitioning soul to the light. He also bathes those grieving in the Light of Illumination.

The Light of Illumination is the understanding that death is not an ending. Death is a beginning. Archangel Azrael teaches other Angels how to work specifically with the newly arrived souls. Archangel Azreal teaches other Angels how to comfort those left behind, through the many stages of grieving. These Angels stay until there is the Light of Illumination.

In that moment both the departed soul and the grieving soul, suddenly know and recognise, that they are eternally bonded. They recognise that not even different dimensions of existence or vibration can ever separate or prevent that. The Light of Illumination is the turning point! The Light of Illumination helps us to understand that the bonds of love are eternal.

Archangel Azrael is the keeper of souls on the inner planes. He bathes, heals and nourishes departed loved ones. He sings over them, he comforts them. Once the soul is renewed and refreshed, it then returns to the Universal planes in order to undertake the rest of it journey. Each step, a step closer to Ascension. At the point of Ascension the entire soul merges with the light. The soul is now able to serve on a much greater scale for the whole of humanity.

Arcangel Azrael is also the overseer of those souls who are still on the earthly planes and are grieving. He takes them in his wings of love and softly and gently strokes away any loss and pain.

Your tears are Angel medicine

Your tears heal you soul

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