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The Power of Gods Love

The Power of Gods Love is in every heart beat. Every heart beat is synchronised with the Earth's vibration form the very core.

'God do you oversee Earth in a different way to other parts of the Universe?'

Each part of the Cosmos is at a different rate of evolution both atomically and in its consciousness. Therefore, each part of the Cosmos requires a different degree of understanding about the force called love.

'A different degree?'

Yes. If unconditional love were available and downloaded in its purest form to some parts of the Universe, its intensity may actually cause a reaction whereby some atoms, particles and molecules were actually forced to implode. Such would be the intensity of the purity. This would defeat the purpose of creation which is to expand. God is the creator and for the Cosmos, the Universe and especially for Earth to expand, then the process of ego needs to be in place. Ego creates a focus, unlike unconditional love, which is just free flowing. Ego creates a passion. It is these attributes that encourage humanity to forge ahead. To forge ahead through creation on all levels. The balance is required in terms of ego ad love to create positive movement forward. But for creation to exist on earth the ego plus lessons and initiations for the Soul equal growth, equal creation.

Humanity decides on the directions of this creation through its collective consciousness. Humanity steers the direction but God oversees the ultimate outcome.

God it as creator not a parent. He allows Humanity to find it way to the final destination. To follow a path of its own making. The outcome however is always assured by God. The route taken is dictated by the consciousness of humanity. Where there is intense ego, competition, rivalry and individual, greed, then the path will be slow, arduous, and possibly full of pain.

Where there is a focus on community, love, peace helping your neighbour and protecting the environment, then the path will be harmonious, smooth and positive.

The outcome is always assured the complexity of this path is always the choice of the nation or humanity.

'Consciousness is made by humanity or God?'

Consciousness is provided by God as a gift. However, how humanity chooses to use it consciousness is down to free will. Consciousness is God's miracle in action.

Free-will is God's miracle in action.

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