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The Road to Spiritual Growth

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Spiritual Growth

  1. Ask the Universe that first and foremost you remember we are a SOUL in a physical body

  2. Ask the Universe to help you listen to your Heart. Try to feel what things make you have a passion for life, the things that you wake up for every day

  3. Ask the Universe to help you think more positively so that you can watch your thoughts and practice changing negative thoughts to something positive.

  4. Ask the Universe to help you try to turn the situations of your life into something brighter and look at the positive aspects of any circumstances. Don't let situations dictate to you how to feel or think

  5. Ask the Universe to help you try to focus your attention on to the things that you do every day - see the details

  6. As the Universe to help you to start learning and practicing meditation with the Spiritual Hierarchy

  7. Ask the Universe to help you be more tolerant, patient, tactful and considerate

  8. Thank the Universe every day for the things that you already have in your life

For more information and your questions answered about spiritual growth and the meaning and existence of God, I hope you enjoy my E Book

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