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The Spiritual Path

by Michelle Fielding

As you climb your spiritual path, you will know that sometimes the road is not smooth.

As you climb your spiritual mountain you will know that sometimes the path can become suddenly steep and narrow.

As you climb the ascension ladder, you will know that every step is a step closer to God.

Every meander, every crag or rocky crevice, every rung on the ladder eventually leads you to the ' plateau of peace'.

When you arrive you will look back and you will reach out to the next person coming up behind you...

You will say: "Take my hand, I can help you, I know this part really well"


When you are leading from the front

When you are walking blindly in a storm

When your feet and emotions feel numb from the journey....


Then it is your turn to look forward and in front you will see a hand.

It is the hand of God's team.

It is your Angel who will say: "Take my hand, I can help you, I know this part really well"


As you walk your spiritual pathway you are both in front and behind, but each one of you is a 'link' that connects to another.

As one person learns, another person teaches

As one person follows, another person leads

You will ascend towards God, one-by-one, but you ascend with the help of each other.

Ask your Angels to help you be the best 'link' in the chain of 'Ascension', that you can possibly be!

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Unknown member
Mar 19, 2022

I am always in anticipation of waiting for your videos and posts! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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