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Unicorns - White Horse Angels

A Unicorn is a 7th Dimension being, an angel who once lived as a white horse. It has chosen to walk the 'spiritual path' of Ascension and serve on the higher planes.

The horn of the Unicorn is the symbol of it being enlightened... we ourselves have the 'third eye' and the horn is the equivalent.

The Unicorns can help you to make a sacred space especially near nature.

Call on the Unicorns when you need help with manifestations of wishes or abundance.

Imagine riding on the back of your Unicorn during meditation, this will help you to purify and lighten your aura, accelerating your spiritual path.

The horn of the Unicorn can shower wisdom directly into your 'third eye' and sub-conscious.

Ask you Unicorns that their wisdom may be 'streamed' to your 'third eye' consciousness during:

  • Your sleep

  • Your meditations

  • Your walk in nature

Remember to thank your Unicorns. All requests are heard by Angels when made with integrity, faith and for everyone's highest good.

For more information and to gain a deeper understanding on Angelic realms, please see my Meet your Guardian Angel E-Book by clicking below

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