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We are all Divine!

Awaken your own Divinity, what does that mean?

We are all Divine, means we are all the product of Gods awareness, Gods expansive love, Gods creation. Every cell within, every atom around us, it is all of the Divine creativity. The Divine creativity called God. How can you therefore be anything other than completely Divine?

Embracing your own Divinity literally means that every aspect of your being is made of love. Pure love God's love. Why would you not embrace this uniqueness. You are a Divine being of love and light. The more you accept this, the more you accept increasing amount of love in your heart. Gods love. Full of Gods love you are perfectly divine, royal, spiritually adepts. You are worthy. Embrace all these facets of your inner and outer being. Embrace your Divinity. This is your deepest truth, your purest love and your absolute mode of being. You are Divine, You are a child of God.

You awaken to your Divinity through accepting that everything you feel you are or feel you are not is in fact unimportant! It is inimportant to God, It is unimportant!

The only thing that is of importance, to God is your happiness. The happiness of your soul. All God wants for you is to be happy, he makes no judgement regarding anything you may or may not do.

Awaken to your Divinity and know that love in its purity is what you are at your soul level. The realisation of your souls purity, is the moment you awaken to Gods divinity within you.

You are a Child of God, you are very loved! Know this with absolute certainty. You are worthy.

Embrace your worthiness and awaken to the swell of loving energy that will now cascade from your heart and engulf you. The feelings of awakenings are profound. You will feel it. There will be no doubts, no turning back. Say 'I am awake. I am a Child of God. I embrace my Divinity'!

Opening up to your Angels is a profound and life changing experience and for some it is the start of the awakening of a spiritual journey - my Meet your Angels E-book is available to buy below and is a practical and informative guide to help you on this journey

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