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We saw an Angel at the coffee shop...

(submitted by community member)

Thank you Michelle x

It was a day where I went to see my daughter at work and have a cuppa.

So, sitting in a seat talking to my daughter and her colleague as there were no customers in the shop.

We were laughing and chatting as you do, when a very tall gentleman came out of nowhere and stood at the counter.

Making a mental note that he was over six feet tall wearing a cream suit that didn't fit him very well and wearing a blue baseball cap too.

He ordered what he wanted and I watched him get a strawberry milkshake out the fridge, bearing in mind I haven't heard him speak.

He paid for his order and my daughter, myself and her colleague carried on chatting, none of us see him leave.

I came home shortly after and opened the kitchen window and came back in the living room but something made me go to the window and there walking down the path was the man in the cream suit walking down my back garden path.

To this day, I haven't seen him since and I've had this confirmed by three different mediums that this was my Guardian Angel, (without me telling them of my visit).

I'm still on cloud nine and have seen other Angels before the big visit.

You May Not Believe in Angels, But They Believe in You!

What a beautiful experience, witnessing an Angel in action. The cream suit and baseball cap were ways to get your attention!

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us all...

Blessings to you as always,

Michelle xx

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