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What Angel can help me when I feel stuck?

The gaps in life are like a void, a void of creative energy. These gaps are the stagnation of your thoughts. This may be because of old and stagnant patterns of believing and feeling.

Ask Archangel Raphael to bathe you to your deepest cellular, emotional and physical level. The green healing light will raise the sticky stagnant energies to new and refreshed levels.

All will be rejuvenated and healed.

A healing is not a cure, but a stagnant layer lifted and renewed.

With the healing comes new energy, flowing vibrant energy. It pulses through you with every heartbeat. As the energy now swishes and swirls there can be no void, no stuckness.

Your power of manifesting abundance

Your power of rejuvenating and healing

Are now vibrant

All your cells become vital, alive and pulsing with new vibrant life. Every breath now becomes a breath of abundance and healing.

Archangel Raphael, the master of healing light, abundance and well-being.

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