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What are Angels and what do they do?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

1.    Angel means messenger…. And is our bridge between Heaven and Earth

2.    Angels are our personal messengers.  They are our personal link to Source. 


3.    Angels help to answer prayers and create miracles!


4.    Angels are loving, all encompassing, protecting energies, who come immediately to your assistance without condition. 


5.    Angels walk alongside you as you meander through life’s trials and tribulations. 


6.    Having Angels in your life does not minimise life’s ups and  downs, but instead shows you how to walk ahead with confidence and peace, despite the changing road.  Your road is your ‘gift’.  Your road teaches you many virtues; love, peace, patience, compassion.. When you are at a crossroads choose the path of the Angels and your journey will be smoother.  You will know that despite everything, you can always manifest peace whatever the seeming external illusions.  At the ‘crossroads choose to walk the path with your Angels............

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