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What does staying in alignment mean?

What does staying in alignment mean? We cannot jump ahead during our Ascension journey. We can only go one step at a time. If we try to jump ahead by making decisions of change before integrating, releasing and vibrating at the next level, then we continue to attract the same scenarios into our lives. We go round and round. We can only go as high as our current integration of consciousness. We have to heal the energies within us, through acceptance and understanding. Through integration we diffuse any lower energies or lower vibrating emotions. When we have released, purged contemplated and accepted, then this level of integration is complete. We are now ready to once again move forward. How Earth can help with our alignment All ancient wisdom and healing energies are held within the centre of the Earth, Gaia. When we engage with the Earth through meditation, walking, conservation, gardening, even just lying on the Earth, then we absorb the great wisdom held within our planet and it heals us and keeps us strong. How can the Universe help? When we open to the Cosmic Heart, we open to the higher realms of Unconditional Love, we become a conduit with which this energy of healing can reach right into the Earth. Each footstep we take whilst embodying the light of Unconditional Love, creates a healing for our planet. With healing light we help to raise the consciousness of the Earth. We act as a conduit for the consciousness coming down from the higher realms. We are restored and refreshed as the Earth energies lovingly embrace us during this process.

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