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What is Oneness? What is Bardo?

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The Oneness is the place where all energies of Peace and Unconditional Love merge

The Peace and Unconditional Love creates a resting place for all Souls

So does your journey end here?

No, this is the place of rest, between each incarnation...inbetween each lifetime

The Oneness is the experience of Bardo

Bardo is a state of suspension

  • A state of Bliss

  • A state of regeneration and renewal

Bardo is a place for resting souls - or the Oneness

At the end of each Soul journey or lifetime - the soul is returned to the state of Bardo

The Karmic Board, Guides and Angels then decide with the Soul the purpose deep exactly the right moment, the Soul remembers and starts to become awake.

This life times purpose begins to unfold.....

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