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What is the role of your Guardian Angel?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Your Guardian Angel is your personal route to source and your personal connection to the spiritual realms. Your Guardian Angel is your friend Supreme and always looks at you with loving eyes. When your Guardian Angel is around, you will feel profound peace and unconditional love.

The role of your Guardian Angel is to love you unconditionally, to protect, guide and inspire you. To help you in times of need and distress.

Guardian Angels help you to fulfill your life purpose or mission and help you to learn your karmic lessons. They do this by channeling source light towards you.

You are eternally bonded to your Guardian Angel. As you evolve, so does your Guardian Angel evolve? Your Guardian Angel will stay with you during all incarnations.

There are many benefits to knowing or meeting your 'Guardian Angel'. You will have increased confidence in yourself. Your Guardian Angel is the link between you and the angelic realms.

Your Guardian Angel will never interfere with your free will, but may encourage and protect you in times of crisis. If in your soul contract you are not supposed to experience pain or you are not yet supposed to die, then your Guardian Angel will step in.

If necessary your Guardian Angel will save you from death or accident

Your Guardian Angel is available to you in all aspects of your life. Nothing is outside of the scope of what your Guardian Angel can or can't do. You only have to ask them.

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