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Why can’t we just call directly to God for healing?

It is easier to meditate in a home where you feel a sense of peace, love, and harmony.

When you call directly to your God, the Universal energies, or Source, then Angels are sent to help and assist you. Healing occurs when you receive the energy of unconditional love. As such we can ask the Angels for healing as they are themselves beacons of unconditional love.

The main focus should not be on who you are praying to, but more, the intention you are holding in your heart, when you are praying.

The appropriate healing energy that resonates most perfectly for you, will then be brought forward. This maybe for example: the healing energy of Jesus, Angels, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed …..

When you place your intention within your heart and ask your God, the Universal energy or Source for healing, then the most appropriate healing energy, with which you most strongly resonate, will be brought forward for you.

Healing occurs when you receive the energy of unconditional love

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Unknown member
Dec 04, 2023

It is better that you recognize that you that something is amiss in your own body before asking someone else to heal you. Yes unconditional love is the answer. It begins when you love yourself. You are the magnet of your own resonance. What you are is what you shall attract. Like flows to like by resonance. You need to take the action to manifest that which you seek. You are your own harmonic reactor.

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