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Why do we need a Sacred Space for Meditation?

Before we start our regular meditation practise, it is necessary to set up a meditation space.


It is easier to meditate in a home where you feel a sense of peace, love, and harmony.


The purpose of the exercise is to create a sacred space. When we develop a sacred space to practise our meditation, it allows our senses to become quickly relaxed each time you enter the space, allowing deeper and faster levels of relaxation and deeper states of consciousness.


Find a space in your home or office where you can dedicate it to the ongoing practise of meditation.


Place items here that you are personally drawn to. These items will reflect the qualities of peace love and harmony.


Use all the senses, creating smells, textures, and energies. Use Crystals, essential oils, maybe even a small water fountain, an Angel statue, a fresh feather, candles, fresh flowers, photos, or poems about love or Angels.

Once this sacred space is complete, light your candle or incense and say ‘I dedicate this space to my meditation journey. In this space I relax on all levels easily and effortlessly. I relax my mind body and soul.


You may be at the beginning of a spiritual journey or you may already be pursuing your life's purpose...whatever stage of development you currently find yourself working with, you may be searching for more answers or deeper meaning.  You may be ready to take your spirituality to the next level.  Whether you are a beginner wishing to learn meditation or whether you are reaching up with your Angels to reach Heaven on Earth, through Ascension, Michelle has something for every level and everyone. She will tailor her material for each session whether she is working with you or your group. 


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