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You may not believe in Angels but they believe in You’

When we first hear about Angels, and become drawn to them, we have many questions.  Am I worthy to know an Angel? How do I see, hear or feel an Angel?  How do I call my Angel?  Should I meditate or pray?  Can I ask for help with healing or abundance?  Do I need to believe in God to know an Angel? 


These questions and much more will be answered in this practical and informative book of how to meet, know and understand your Angels. 


This book will show you how to reach your Angels, how to write to them, how to speak to them, and how to feel them through the recognition of the signs and synchronicities, that they will bring to you.


Opening up to your Angels is a profound and life changing experience and for some it is the start of the awakening of a spiritual journey.  This spiritual journey will lead some people to higher and higher perspectives about the meaning of their lives.

By reading and following the instructions in this book, you will gain a much deeper understanding, of not only the Angelic realms, but also how they can work with you in each and every moment.  The Angels can help you heal on all levels – emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual. 


The first step is to just ‘ask’ the Angels to come into your life.  It is not difficult learning to know your Angels.  They are reaching out to you and are waiting for you to engage with them.  Today is the day that this process now begins for you.


Please enjoy your journey with the Angels.  Be sure to write everything down in your Angelic Journal.  Over time you will look back and you will see how far you have come.  You will see the synchronicities, the blessings, the healings and the miracles that knowing the Angels brings into your life.


Blessings to you all



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