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You are building a rainbow

As you progress along your spiritual path you will be presented with tasks or initiations. Some will be harder to master than others. Some may come again and again. The harder the task the bigger the reward.

You will never be asked to undertake a task which:

Was not agreed prior to your incarnation

Is more than your soul can bear

You will never be given a task that you are not worthy of completing

With each initiation you are awarded a colour for your aura. One by one, lifetime by lifetime, you are building a rainbow. This rainbow becomes the bridge from your Soul to Heaven.

When you walk with your Angels, you can call out to them when a ravine appears on your path. You need to complete the task, you have seen this one before, but somehow it returns and just gets more difficult. Difficulty is a sign of spiritual progress.

Remember, one step at a time. Dig deep for your strength and with integrity and honesty, tell the Angels everything:

All your fears

All your doubts

Ask that this time you can complete the task and reach new levels of peace and joy. Continue with the task. Step by step, moment by moment. Be confident and know whilst the ridge may seem steep and narrow, your Angelic Team will not let you fall.

After you have crossed the ravine you will now step on to the fresh new terrain. Your energy and vibration will now be more finely attuned.

Changes recently made to your energy pattern can stir up sudden volatility. It can stir up unsettling situations, especially with people around you. This is a sign that you are changing. The external reaction is a sign that the remnants of stuck energies are now being healed and released.

As you change your energy frequency, it is like changing a radio station. At first everything seems different and not quite what you are used to, the switching between channels is fuzzy and distorted. You can't quite comprehend your new position clearly.

The new frequency arrives more strongly as you continue to adjust and monitor your internal controls. Once the new station/frequency kicks in, everything is clearer, more focused and smooth. You can now move forward confidently.

Your new vibration is beaming out loud and clear for others to enjoy. Any anger has now shifted to another frequency, but now vibrate at the frequency of peace and joy. As the signal becomes even stronger, then any occasional blips are quickly realigned. You resume your new vibration of peace and joy. Peace is now your normal emotional level from moment to moment.

Finding peace and releasing anger is a major tool of learning in our lives. Once anger is addressed and replaced with confidence, assertiveness and honesty then peace will prevail and a major spiritual initiation has been completed.

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