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The energy of forgiveness is an energy of healing for your soul. Forgiveness is not about saying that what occurred in your life, that what hurt you or disturbed you, was ok. But more, that those events will no longer have impact on your peace of mind.

But how do you get to that place?

Forgiveness is a process of accepting that not everyone’s intentions, are necessarily aligned with your individual soul journey. People may try to sabotage your efforts because of unhealed aspects within themselves.

In reality, it is not actually about you, it is more how you make the other person feel when they are in your presence.

A person who is enlightened will emit great amounts of light. Light equals wisdom. This light acts as a ‘scouring pad’, a deep cleanser to the darkness or stuckness in those around you.

The light literally scours and scrubs out the stuck, unhealed aspects, within the others around you.

It is not something you can control, because you are an energetic being with a frequency. You cant switch it off. The unhealed aspects of people will be subconsciously drawn to you. These unhealed aspects are crying out to be healed.

But healing can look messy. Healing can look like withdrawal, crying, anger, depression, violence even hysterical laughter.

The unhealed aspects of the people although subconscious, are being exposed so that they have their soul has the opportunity to heal on a deeper level.

You may not be thanked by the other person.

They will blame their behaviour on you. It will not necessarily be understood by them, the process of healing that is occurring.

Forgiveness is about seeing people’s reactions, to your energy, but not taking it personally.

Its not about you, its about them!

However, in the moment anger, sabotage, depression violence, when sent in your direction can feel overwhelming.

So personal forgiveness should also be practised. It is important to see, that personally this process is arduous on the energetic field.

When you sustain many attacks emotional, psychological, spiritual and sometimes even physical, then your light has attracted that person/person towards you so that they can be healed. So personal forgiveness for how your respond or don’t respond is also necessary.

Have compassion for yourself as you walk through life cleaning and scouring out peoples shadow aspects, whilst trying to go about your own day and life. Take time to regroup, by taking personal retreats, whether that be finding a quiet room or garden or actually going to a quiet retreat centre where you can ground, contemplate and rebalance.Epsom salt baths with lavender oil can also help to cleanse and refresh your personal aura. Sage prayer and meditation exercises can help to clear physical living or working areas/spaces.

Forgiveness is about letting go of the ‘why’ and seeing how the exercise is leading everyone to a better place. As a person heals and releases anger, sadness or depression it helps them to vibrate more highly. It also helps if the person/people are not shamed for having an extreme healing reaction.

It is healthy to feel emotions as they are being released and this process should not be thwarted by your reaction of judgement or anger or even retaliation.

However, It is not acceptable that you become someone’s constant source of healing for their extreme emotions, unless you are a trained professional with a strong support team.

On the spiritual path ‘your support team’ in spirit may place you in situations where an unhealed aspect of your 'own shadow self' is shown to you, through the healing reactions of others.

Also, if you are constantly in positions of people trying to sabotage you, then is could also be an indication to honestly look inside to see if you yourself sabotage your own relationships, career, life through unhealed aspects of self?

Again, forgiveness is about allowing yourself to explore these emotions fully without judgement or guilt so that you can fully heal and release that layer within your own shadow or psyche.

Forgiveness is not about saying that what someone did was O.K., it is about seeing that it was a situation of healing and transformation, for one or both of the parties involved. Be at peace with the process. Allow yourself and the other person to move on.

Forgiveness does not mean that what someone did to you was O.K. Its more that with a deeper understanding of how healing the shadow works, you no longer allow the situation to affect you.

Forgiveness however does not mean staying in a repeating pattern within a relationship where there is emotional and/or physical abuse. It is important to look at your life with clarity and seek external professional help where necessary. Prayer meditation and contemplation can help us to become more clear, to gain clarity around our forgiveness cycle.

We can become clear about whether we are emitting energy which is creating a healing and provoking a reaction or, whether our reaction is the result of us needing to release and heal something ourselves. We may need to release and heal some deeper aspect of self.

Life is a journey, there are many points in the road where we are given the opportunity to see how far we have come, but more importantly, to change direction if this route is no longer the right direction for us.


  • As energetic beings we emit frequencies which can provoke healing, albeit in others

  • People are drawn to our frequency, albeit subconsciously because they have something in need of healing

  • How other people react to us whilst they are healing is not to be taken personally

  • A repeating pattern around you may be an indication of a shadow aspect of self in need of healing

  • Forgiveness does not mean staying in a situation where there is emotional or physical abuse

Forgiveness is not about saying that something that happened to you is o.k. More that you can see the deeper meaning behind it and not let it affect you going forward


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