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Angels heal your Dark Night of the Soul

What is the ‘dark night of the soul’?

The dark night of the soul is a place of despair, pain and often emotional numbness. It is a place we find ourselves in when there has been a relentless attack on our peace. We are often left exhausted by life and feel there is nowhere left to go… numbness sets in as we sink into a place of darkness and ambivalence which often leads to us disengaging from every day existence.

The right time to call your Angels is during the ‘dark night of the soul’. The ‘dark night of the soul’ is actually a blessing because it opens up a gap wide enough for your heart to heal from its previous wounds. Wounds created by feelings, experiences, circumstances, missed opportunities and loss. They all create within us a ‘seeming’ wound.

The chaos and drama that later ensues has the effect of creating a break in the emotional heart centre. The emotional heart centre is where all the losses, negativity and sad experiences lurk and hide, constantly tormenting us, and no peace can we find.

The break in the emotional heart is the way the love of our Angels reaches within. It flows into the heart in a nourishing wave, releasing all stuckness, all sorrow and replaces the grief and loss with healing through its conscious light.

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Unknown member
Nov 07, 2021

Pain is fuel The impetus that helps you get to a new place in your life and walk with God . Pain can feel like the worst …the hardest of times . Yet when you look back on those seasons of pain , You realize it was the BEST of times … The lessons you experience in your season of the dark nights of pain ?? Priceless


Unknown member
Nov 03, 2021

I keep drawing this as my angel card.


Unknown member
Oct 27, 2021

That's interesting thankyou Michelle as exactly a year ago today I lost my wife. 😥 Obviously I was very sad for a very long time and for the first few weeks inconsolable but I had to hold it together for the 3 kids. Anyway I have become much more spiritual since my heartache and also feel as though I have downloads when I put pen to paper which never happened before. So there is some spiritual gift that appears to have kicked in. I wonder if the Angela got access when my heart was broken. Much love Kevin 💚🙏🏻👍

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