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I have cancer!

I have Cancer but I need to get some control back in my life!? Everyone is telling me what to do. When I can work and not work. When I can get up, when I need to rest. I just need to get back to work and get some control back in my life! ' Dear Child of God, everything that is not love is fear.

Control is fear. Control is the false perspective that we can override the learning of the soul. The biggest lesson when we feel the need to control the outcome of a situation, is to surrender. You may ask ‘surrender to what, to who’? You surrender to the moment. First you surrender to this moment, and then to the next moment and then to the moment after that. The only control we have is how we are going to respond in this moment. Any response that is not love is fear. You may ask ‘But how can I love cancer’? You love ‘cancer’ for what it is now teaching you. The ‘cancer’ or any illness, or any situation of perceived difficulty. They are teaching you how to come back to the present. In the present moment you now have control over how you can respond. Look at your life in this moment. Say to your cancer, your illness, or your perceived difficult situation ‘I love you’. Allow yourself to feel this on a deep level.

You may again ask ‘How can I love cancer’? You are not loving the cancer, you are allowing yourself to experience the feeling of love during this moment. During this situation. By allowing yourself to experience the feeling of love in this moment, towards this situation, you create a healing. Love heals anything unlike itself! Control is fear. Whenever you feel that you need to take control, then use that energy to focus on the present moment. Not the past, not some unknown future, but the present.

Send love from your hear to the situation. Imagine the situation, illness or cancer literally dissolving in the healing balm of love. Love heals anything unlike itself! Continue this practise until it becomes your normal mode of Being. It is in the BEING that we Become! Be Love!'

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