• Golden Heaven on Earth

Soul Freedom - Oneness

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The Consciousness of God is all around you . It is in the blooming flowers, the sleeping seeds, the clouds that float by. God is in everything you both can see and cannot see.

Once a Soul has awakened then the dedicated spiritual path can begin. As each stage is experienced another petal of the Soul's flower can open. Each petal represents another aspect of your true nature, your true consciousness rising to higher and purer levels of being.

Once all the petals have been opened you have reached enlightenment, you have released all personal and ancestral karma and you are now ready to walk the Ascension pathway. You are now listening to your upper consciousness of love and are no longer guided by the motivations of the lower self or ego.

At this point life takes on new meaning and perspective. You can awaken each day with thoughts of how may I serve. You dedicate your life to being of service. You dedicate your life to Soul freedom.

Soul freedom is a state of higher consciousness where there are no restrictions through fear or ego. The soul just flows with the energy of the Divine and resonates with the flow of the Oneness.