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We are all heading in the same direction....

Question submitted from Community Member 'I don"t want to distance myself either or lose their friendship, but that is the direction I feel I am heading in... especially when I look and can see the recurring patterns in their lives that stand out so loudly yet they cannot see them. but if I say anything they will just think I'm being picky or such'.

Beacons of Light! Go Forth and Serve The spiritual path can be arduous as you sometimes need to release attachment to outcomes and stand in your power at the front. This is your time to lead. The bonds of true friendship, those based on love, do not form attachments, true love creates freedom. Your focus now can be on serving for the Light, standing in your power and serving through your vibration of love. Souls hear your vibration, not your words. Souls hear your emotions, your feelings of passion, not your words. Take your place Dear One Take your rightful place at the front Look to your own Peace and Bliss and walk confidently in your Divine Power Others will see your Joy, your Peace .... they will feel your contentment with who you have become. This will leave an energetic imprint on their soul. Your work is then done. Remember it is in the BEING that we BECOME. Keep focusing on your souls growth and healing your heart. If you need to walk alone, then know that up ahead are like minded souls waiting for you. If you have to walk alone, know that your dedication to the light is leaving an energetic imprint for those coming up behind. We all have a different path. But we are all heading in the same direction - HOME!

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