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Angel Experiences... who has those?

Everyone has had an Angel Experience. It is impossible to not have had one! It is impossible because we all have a Guardian Angel with us throughout every incarnation. Maybe the thing that is amiss, is your awareness of your Angels, when they are around you? All those times your heart cried out, your Angels were there with you. Every time you were joyful your Angel was there with you. Every time you are awake and every night when you are asleep your Angel is there with you.

Train your awareness to see, feel, hear and know the signs and presence of your Angels. Learn to be in your peace. Learn to create the correct atmosphere for Angels to reach you.

Remember, to ask the Angels to come into your life. It is against Divine Law for Angels to intervene without your permission. They have no free-will.

You can call upon your Angels for help with anything and everything. Everyone is worthy. Angels love to serve, that is their purpose. As soon as you ask for assistance, your requests are immediately taken on the wings of Angels to your God. You will receive a sign or synchronicity either in that moment or at some future time. Write everything in your Angelic Journal. Over time you will look back and you will see with open eyes, that the Angels did hear you. You will open your heart wider as you now know that the love of Angels is indeed true. As your heart opens wider, the Angels draw ever close. The Angels walk with us all.

Please visit the course pages for further information on how to 'Meet your Angels'............

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