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How to make the journey to meet God

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

God is not a destination, but more a way of thinking and Be-ing. The first steps are the realisation that there is no distance divide or gap between you and your God.

You and God are the same.

You are made in the likeness and image of God, you therefore do not need to go anywhere to meet God.

Rather, you only need to be fully here in this moment. You only need to learn how to hear, feel and know God in each moment. As you become familiar with Gods resonance flowing in and around you, you will experience great change. A transformation. It will be subtle at first. You may not even be fully aware of it, but with practise, focus and dedication you can fully Awaken to your true Divine connection. Your true Divine connection to your God self.

The awakening is the first stage leading you to question and explore. In this quest you may find enlightenment, even it is only a momentary glimpse. But you will definitely find more peace, more meaning, more knowing. You will continue to dedicate more and more of your thought energy to a spiritual practise and the feeling and knowing of God; will now touch you ever frequently.

With continued dedicated spiritual practise you can reach truer levels of being in this world, and yet feel also a divine affinity to the spiritual world. At this point your soul will decide if you are now ready to take the initiations that lead you to unity with God's consciousness. This path towards unity with Gods' consciousness is called Ascension. to fully ascend is to become an Ascended Master, where you can then choose to walk on Earth as an enlightened and pure being. Or you can choose to work for the good of humanity from the inner planes.

All routes lead to God. All paths lead to God.

The intensity and depth of that interaction is determined by your focus, your dedication and the direction of your Soul.

Once you reach God consciousness you look upon all of life from the unique perspective of Love. You will see all events purely grounded in God's love. You understand the meaning of life. The route to understanding the meaning of life will lead you to examine the workings of your Soul - how to hear it, how to heal it, how to work with the Soul to discover your soul life purpose.

Dedicating each day, each moment to the pursuit of knowing God will lead you to experience a total transformation from which you will never go back.

When you work with your Soul in Discovering God's purpose for you, you ascend ever closer to the Divinity of Light. The Divinity of Light is known as Heaven. Heaven is not a place, but a state of Be-ing. You will 'just be' at one with God. You will exude an inner light and peace and all that encounter your vibrations of soul love will also be eternally transformed and healed.

The process towards knowing God is multifaceted but is not undertaken as a singular action.

The purpose of reading the consciousness of God is to understand, demonstrate that we are all One, we are all interconnected.

There is no longer a pursuit for any ego, only the purpose of something larger and more loving for the whole.

The focus now turns from and inward direction to an outward direction. So healed are you now, on all levels, that you can walk as a beacon of healing light for others. On a Universal level you will combine your energies with other like-minded energies and the process of spiritual evolution for the whole of the Universe will be well served.

Beacons of Light! Go Forth and Serve!

Channelled from Lord Kuthumi

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