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The Essence of Time - Sanat Kumara teaches

From the higher realms everything just flows in the eternal now and so time is of no consequence. From the earthly perspective time has been an instrument designed by the 'ego' to try and control its direction and progress. It has been important in creating a structure and focus. Before now, it was necessary. Otherwise, you would not have the correct resources of ego, drive and motivation to move you in any direction. As the energies become finer, you will now find yourself increasingly feeling that time is pulling you to do things you don't want to do! You will feel more and more like just daydreaming sitting in the silence listening to nature creating singing bathing .... you will not be drawn so much to the drama of the Earth's current reality. You will see a perspective now, where it makes more sense to you, not to engage in gossip, TV, rushing, striving, over-exercising .... Instead, you will be content to see more and more of how each day is going to unfold. Moment by moment. Without the constant need to control outcomes, or engage in dramas you will step into alignment with the natural Universal flow - the flow of God - the breath of God. In releasing attachments you will always be on time, you will always complete your project, you will be more peaceful, relaxed and you will sense more and more the moments of God's touch .... BLISS! This is the moment when there is an 'overwhelming' sense of Peace within and without, with no explanation other than you are releasing the need to control, and in so doing, stepping closer to God. God is Love The closer you step, the more intense the feeling of Love becomes .... In the moment you are now in your natural state of BEING It is in the BEING, that you are now BECOMING at one with God, and all that is! The experience of time, no longer has any enduring meaning for you. The experience of God's Love is your normal state of existence. Go with the flow Go towards God ...... Sanat Kumara Planetary Logos (interplanetary assignments)

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