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The soul already knows everything ...

The soul already knows everything ...... what does this mean? During every incarnation you emerge in a different physical or energetic form but with the same soul Before each incarnation you decide which areas of your soul you want to make stronger, wiser, truer .... As you incarnate, the exact initiations you need, in the form of your environment your family your work all begin to present themselves........ Deep inside your soul, a call goes out .... it remembers this experience/initiation from a previous time a previous dimension a previous incarnation It is in this knowing that the soul calls out from deep inside, and the Universe responds At a soul level we already know how to respond to a situation as we may of seen it many times before .... we have just forgotten .... As the Universe responds to the cries of the soul we receive assistance to help us to continue walking along our path, our soul is now awake In the awakening the strengths and healing we had chosen before incarnation are all now profoundly in place Our strengths and healing takes us confidently along until the end of this incarnation The soul then decides once more how it can once again grow further grow stronger grow wiser .... on its next incarnation .....then again it goes back to sleep .... This process of awakening and sleeping continues throughout each incarnation until the Heart and Soul are healed in all directions and the process of Ascension begins Ascension is our route back to the Godhead, the Source, the Divine Our Soul therefore knows everything ... it just needs to become awake

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