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What are the symptoms of Awakening?

Symptoms that arise as you are awakening......

* not involving yourself in the drama and chaos of life

*Being an observer of life

*Awareness that there is more than can be seen with our eyes alone

*A reluctance to go beyond the natural flow of things

*Accepting 'rather than striving'





*A feeling that you are heading towards the most powerful profound experience of your life.

*A longing to know your God, the meaning of life, your purpose for being here, questioning the reason why, there must be more....

*Feeling that the best is yet to come in terms of your spiritual development

*No longer needing to compare with others on any level

*A knowing that everyone is part of a larger whole, a Oneness

*Seeing the love in all situations, regardless of the seeming illusions

*Allowing love to drive your actions rather than fear

*A loss of anger

* No longer needing to compete as you hope we all make it!

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