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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the recognition and acceptance of Divine Love into an open heart.

Consciousness is often labelled as 'the light', because its acceptance into your opened heart creates within you an 'awakening'. An awakening of the Soul. With the awakening of the Soul then you remember, you remember your purpose. You purpose is to serve.

Within the 'light of consciousness' is held gems of Divine Wisdom. these are nuggets of information that you soul needs in order to remember. 'The light of consciousness' is like lots of tiny vibrations that are strong and pure, within each of these vibrations is a 'key' with each download of consciousness, you also download a key. This key helps your soul to attune to the frequency of the Divine so that you can hear its heavenly harmonic and vibrations. So that you soul can become awake and remember. It can be likened to the pitching fork used to tune a piano. Once the exact resonance is found, an orchestra of music can now be accessed and found.

'Where does it come from?'

Consciousness comes from your God. It can be accessed directly from the higher planes of existence once you have purified your beings to resonate directly with that harmonic or frequency.

'How do you access the higher planes?'

Through dedication to the healing of your heart through the practises of prayer, meditation, forgiveness and Ascension.

'Are there different types of Consciousness'

Yes. Consciousness is constantly changing, evolving and developing during your life time.

There are different levels of awareness dependant on where your soul has been and dependent on where your soul is currently headed. This will dictate the course of your spiritual path should you want to access it. You have the free will to decide at any time whether you will choose to accept higher consciousness.

At its basic level consciousness is only concerned with survival and is driven by the pursuits of the ego or self gratification/aggrandisement.

As the soul develops and matures higher levels of consciousness enter through the opened heart and the ego now becomes less important as the concepts of love now begin to take hold. At its highest level of development a soul will have allowed in 100% consciousness of light and will now decide to undertake its Ascension.

At his level the soul can now merge with the Christ Light and the student now becomes the master, the ascended master.

The souls lessons have been mastered, the heart has been healed, karma has been released or transmuted and path of spiritual aspiration is the driving force. The aspiration to serve with love.

At this level of consciousness Heaven becomes a place in that moment, it is a state of BEING. Heaven is no longer the search for peace or sanctuary outside of the self.

'Can consciousness be good or bad?'

Consciousness is neither good nor bad. Consciousness just is. It is a pure energy initially untainted. However, the free-will of the minds that create thoughts which merge into the consciousness or oneness can affect it. whether this is deemed as good or bad is subjective. Rather than something being good or bad, it is better to accept that it can change course and be different, creating different outcomes based on the input of thoughts that merge at any given moment. Everything is relative in a constant process of change and always evolving, despite seeming illusions created by labels. Remember that everything that exists is love, but it is the filter of our perceptions that can create labels which may deter us and suggest that this is otherwise.

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